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Recording Studio

Interested in recording a CD of yourself, group, or band? You've come to the right place!

Danny Bishop Productions is a Gospel Music Recording Studio using PRO-TOOLS State of the Art in Recording
• Over 30 years of experience in gospel music recording productions.
• Equipped with the latest state of the art effects.
• The latest technology in perfect vocal tuning to enhance the quality of your voice.
• Professional Christian studio musicians
• Relaxed home studio atmosphere.

Option 1

Using pre-recorded tracks
Includes: Final mix & editing 2 Master CDs $60 per song 10 songs


Option 2

Song Customized
Includes: Drums, bass, acoustic & lead guitars. Final mix & editing. 2 Master CDs, 2 Soundtracks CDs $100 per song 10 songs


Option 3

10 Song Recording Project
Includes: One 8-hour day recording tracks, One 8-hour day recording vocals, Keyboard instruments & orchestration, Drums, bass, acoustic & lead guitars, Vocal tuning, Final mix & editing, 2 Master CDs, 2 Soundtracks CDs


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CD Pricing

100 CDs with full color 5x5 card jackets ONLY $300!!!

1,000 CDs with full-color jackets in clear plastic boxes $1,300

500 CDs/$1,000       400 CDs/$778      300 CDs/$656       200 CDs/$504     100CDs/$357

*Price includes graphic design, printing, & CD production
**Price does not include shipping charges!

Add Background Vocals to any song for only $50!!


Bob McCuen

Greer, SC

"We really ejoyed the professionalism and quality of work Danny Bishop Productions did on our latest project. It's been our desire to use the talents and people in our church to witness and minister to others. Danny did a wonderful job helping us accomplish that, and exceeded our expectations for the project."

Anissa Chongling

East Berlin, PA

Thank you brother Danny for your hard work and dedication in recording my first CD. Your ministry has been a blessing to me and my family. Be blessed in God. Thank you.

Dr. Jerry Roberts

Hodges, SC

My experience with Danny Bishop Ministries in the recording studio has been fantastic. Not only does Danny try to produce for you the best product he can, he wants it to be a spiritual experience and blessing spiritual to those who will hear your product. I highly recommend Danny’s studio.

Dan Blackwell

Simpsonville, SC

I have known Danny Bishop for a lot of years, but only got to really know and love this truly Christian brother when I started recording some music with him. Danny is a lot of fun to work and record with and he always give me some tips on how to do different things with my music and he knows the kind of music that I love to sing, so he knows exactly how to work with me so that I get the results I am looking for. Danny has a nice, comfortable studio for the recording sessions.  You just feel right at home when working and recording with Danny. I look forward to many more sessions with Danny.

Dale and Rhonda Inman

Walker, LA

Danny Bishop recorded, produced, and engineered our CD with professional results.  I played bass and Rhonda played piano.  Danny captured the special anointing in Rhonda’s piano.  He coached us with our vocals including our third part harmonies.  Danny played anointed lead and rhythm guitar and hired other Christian musicians.  Danny Crawford played organ, drums, electric piano, orchestration and David Johnson played steel guitar, fiddle, and harmonica.  We’ve had so many positive remarks and responses from everyone whose heard our CD.  Many think we have that great “Nashville” sound and speak of the special anointing they feel.

Priscilla Winn

Bonneau, SC

Brother Danny your life's work, music and professionalism has been an inspiration to me.  Thank you so much for producing my new CD.  You did a fantastic job. It has blessed myself and others and has given me many more opportunities to help others.  God bless you and keep up your great inspiration.

Billie McGraw

Clinton, LA

In 2008 Danny was doing a recording for my husband.  I used to sing but due to problems with my lungs I had not sung in years.  Danny encouraged me to try and sing a song for the cd project.  God’s anointing was upon me and I was able to do it!  After this accomplishment God helped to do 9 full cd recording projects with Danny Bishop.  I am very grateful for God using him and his recording ministry to rekindle my love for singing for the Lord.  I highly recommend him and his studio!!

Tony Edwards

Six Mile, SC

I have recorded in various studios over the years.  I have also recorded several projects at Danny Bishop Studios.  I can truthfully say that Danny Bishop has given me a better recording than any other.  Danny always prays with me before the session.  He corrects any of my mistakes line per line, and he always gives me the best deal he can make available.  In his studio is such a relaxed atmosphere.  He has always had my finished product in a timely manner.  I highly recommend Danny Bishop to anyone desiring a good quality product. 


Carol Snelling

Greer, SC

Danny Bishop is a recording engineer who brings a wealth of experience as a singer/musician himself into his recording studio projects.  He lets the singer/songwriter stay true to their own creative lyrics and melodies, while coming alongside with professional advice on fundamentals of music, song structure and forms.  Adding his talent of guitar, background vocals, and arranging music each cd and soundtrack is produced skillfully to honor and glorify Jesus Christ.  I have been confident in the Lord’s anointed work in Danny Bishop’s recording studio through eight cd projects and look forward to more to come.